Operation Day: why to help the others is so important?

The Operation Day is one of the thousands manners to help the less fortunates. Why should we help them? Why should we care about them? Why don’t we leave them in their own situations and stay away?

A lot of people think that the poors (I’m sorry for using this kind of name that seems so racist) are like that because they are too lazy too work and worse that they deserve to live in those conditions. I think that sometimes you could find people that ask for it, but for me it is insane and cruel to wish that to someone.

You could have a good example of what I’m trying to explain watching the videos at this link and also at this one.

You see? Sometimes we don’t decide how our life could be and there are a lot of people that cannot afford even the minimum requirements. And it’s not only because of them, but also because of others’ choices or unexpected events.

Don’t be blind. Do something. Care about the others. Join OD.


Fake news

I’m so glad the teacher shared this article. I completly agree with the author.

Everybody should do a lot of research and reflect a lot before judge someone or share some news. It’s pretty sad, but you should trust nobody.

Fake news are impossible to destroy and they’re everywhere, in every social media, journal, chat or book.

In our days, the problem of fake news has become the dark side of the social medias. Social medias are fantastic because you can learn a lot of things watchin videos and photos or reading articles and everybody can share everything. It’s kind of an anarchy: you can do everything but you should be responsible.

What’s the best goal for a good society?

Have you ever asked yourselves what a country should have to be good? Well, if so, there are many things that probably you’ve considered, like economy, politics, poverty, environment and others, but I certainly would reflect more on school education.


For me, school period is one of the most important time in your life, because it helps you to build your identity and if you manage to become what you really want to be it will certainly be the best thing you could ever do in your life.

Maybe it seems a little bit egotistic, but I think that a happy population makes a good nation.

Once upon a time, Italy was under a famous dictator that used to think this: “The more a population is ignorant, the esier you control that”. True, but definetly not good.